Sunday, July 26, 2009

A week in review.....

Yet another week passes by....we had a busy week. Football is back and Max has practice 3 times a week. School starts in 20 days(who's counting) and soccer and cross country will start soon after. Unfortunately for me I still have not unloaded the school bags from the last day of school. Every year I put if off waiting for that rainy afternoon when everyone needs something to never happens and a week before school starts I "unload". I better hurry, I am running out of time!

Max had a great week. Besides the usual summer time fun in the yard with the neighborhood kids, he went to Great America and spent a day on Lake Michigan watching the air show from his friends boat. We also went to China Town and did some school clothes shopping. Not a bad week for a nine year old!

June is really coming into her own. She has always been strong willed, but she is really changing fast and "growing" her little personality. I thought I would give an update:

June Can......

warm her own milk

do it....

change her own band aid

start her favorite DVD(this week Kai Lan)

start her bath water

get her own snack

let the dog out and in

help me with my make up

put on her own shoes

tell the boys what to do: wear helmets, come to dinner, etc...

get in her car seat

pick out her clothes, shoes, etc. and put most of it on

ride a scooter

ride a tricycle


play dress up, sing, and dance

stack blocks

act shy in public(not at home)

and talk....she is really starting to talk

I know I forgot plenty and since this is my virtual baby book I thought I should give an update so when she asks, "What could I do when I was two", I can say let's look at the blog. Talking about baby books, I was never good at them. TJ's is the most complete, Jake's not so much, Max only had a calender and June has the blog.....

We have a busy week coming up, filled with doctor appointments, dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments, hair cuts, a family reunion, and family portraits. Did I mention Russ has to go out of town again....Ugh, I will need all of my energy to keep it all together this week.

Have a good one!

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Michelle said...

Have a good week! Enjoy the rest of your summer. I can't believe it is almost gone.