Sunday, July 19, 2009

A week in review....

Happy Anniversary to me! This is my 52nd "Week in Review" post. I started this weekly journal to keep track of my life. Sometimes I have a lot, sometimes not so much. On some Sunday evenings the last thing I want to do is BLOG, but I did just to keep track. I am sure someday I will go back and read them and I hope "Blogger" is still around so the kids can go back and read them too. I am sure many might think my life is boring or mundane, but it is my life and right now I am good with that, boring or not.

Boring is a good segway into this paragraph....I went back to work today for the first time in a month. I had switched a few Sundays due to our vacation plans. I don't mind going to work and today I actually looked forward to it. You see it was a good break from my "boring" life of food prep and laundry. Yes, I have decided that with 4 kids my life is mostly about food prep and laundry. I know you all know what I mean! As soon as school starts up and sports begin I will add chauffeur to the list(in fact football starts this week). Now back to work so I can make my point, I did have a point. Work today was pure entertainment. I have been a pharmacist since 1992 (Yikes!) and to this very day I am still amazed at how the general population acts in a retail setting, truly amazed. I wish I could share my stories, but someday Rebecca is going to write my Memoir and all the stories will be in the book, so I hate to spoil a good read. For now, you will have to accept that I had an entertaining day. If any of you work retail or have in the past you know what I am talking about.

Tuesday I picked up the boys from their trip to Grammies and Grandpas, they all had a great time. The went through the lock and dam on the Mississippi River, saw Indian artifacts, went swimming, skate boarding, and enjoyed visiting with Grammie and Grandpa without Mom and Dad around. The rest of the week we just stayed around the house, visited with friends, and of course did laundry. The whole week for me, of course, was a build up to DAVE!

Russ and I headed out around 5:30pm had some dinner and then drove to Alpine Valley. Traffic getting into the concert was backed up for miles and we did not get into our seats until around 7:30pm. Much to my excitement the e-tickets I purchased were real and we had seats in the 24th row.....the closest we have ever been. The set list was great a lot of new songs as well as some old favorites. Russ and I both heard songs we wanted to hear. The picture below is from my cell phone. The pic does not give a clear picture of what we could see, but none the less, I had to post it. I found a web-site that posts set list from concerts and am adding it to this post. I think you can even listen to the songs(turn off my music on the bottom of course). Anyway, I am about done....ready to hit the couch and have a snack. Enjoy your week!

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