Sunday, June 7, 2009

A week in review.....

I guess I will start with the far so good. The weeds are under control and everything is looking good. I think some of the lettuce will be ready to eat this week. All the other plants are doing well. If it would warm up and stop raining here I think everything will take off!

The peonies are in favorites!

June waiting for the boys at a charity run in our community.
This week was the last week of school. If you look on the sidebar I have already posted a countdown back to school.... I have decided that next year the day after school gets out we are going on vacation. We are going on vacation to avoid the neighborhood garage sale. Each year the boys scour the sale and come home with treasures. Last year TJ came home with a quesadilla maker(which I use all the time), he also came home with a bow and arrow and ended up with an emergency room visit and surgery. This year Max bought a toaster, yes, a toaster. Max thought it would be nice to make toast in his room. LOL! I made him take it back. Friday, the boys bought a TV and carried it home, a big TV. Well, they could not get the TV to work with the game cube and graciously our neighbor let us return it. We agreed if she could get it to work we would buy it back....well, it works with a VCR, so the boys gave her $20 again and asked me to pick up the TV and buy a VCR....long story short we do not own said TV and our neighbor was more than patient with my garage sale junkies!
This week was cool and rainy we are still waiting for summer like weather here in the Mid-west. The boys all start golf lessons this week and hopefully we will get out for a few outings. Have a great week!

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Michelle said...

Hope you guys have a great summer and why not have a toaster in the bedroom. That sounds like my kids they love garage sales. Hope they enjoy the golf lessons.