Sunday, May 24, 2009

A week in review.....


and then....This week I had the privilege of helping my "oldest"(no pun intended) celebrate her 40th Birthday. We have been friend for 36 years. I have so many fond memories of our friendship over the years.....we started Kindergarten together in 1973 and journeyed all the way through college together. After 36 years I am honored to call her friend.....and I am still learning things I did not know.....who knew about the cow bell?:) Love ya, CBO, here is to another 36!

Above is the is coming along well. So far the weeds are staying away, so far. The orange and purple flowers are some of my favorite for my container gardens, I plant them every year. Next week, Russ's Mom will bring us more tomatoes planted from seed. I can't wait to get them in the ground. Every year Russ's Dad picks out a wide variety of tomatoes and seeds them....I love to see what we get and so does June. June loves tomatoes!
It is the end of the school year and things have been busy. TJ had his final band concert of the year and all of his extra activities are over.....yeah! As I say every year I am glad for the beginning of Summer vacation and I am always glad when they go back in August:)
June seems so grown up this week, well, grown up for 2! She continues to prove her independence, but at the same time seems to be doing better at conforming to the way things should be(check back next week!) June is also repeating everything everyone says.... enough said. June's favorites this week are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", "Good Night Moon", and "Mulan".
Let's talk "Blogger" for a minute. My friend "R" and I had this conversation this week when "Blogger" was acting up. Will "Blogger" always be here? One day will it just disappear? Will it take my hours of self indulgence and family memories and go away? Will "Blogger" be here in 80 years for my Great Grand kids to see? Any is kind of scary how many of us put it all out there with no guarantee of the future...look what happen to "8 tracks"!
Tomorrow we are trying out a new family activity.....trail riding with our bikes. Yesterday we bought a bike rack for the back of the car that holds 5 bikes....wish us luck.
Have a great week!
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Michelle said...

Makenna also loves goodnight moon! Have a great week!