Sunday, May 17, 2009

A week in review

Let's start with my "Spice" of the things June's foster mother told us was that she was stubborn. Well, she was right. June is strong willed, I knew it from our first week together. She has determination like no child I have seen....and my boys were no walk in the park. Russ and I joke that the red highlights in June's hair show just how spicy she is. She is spicy enough to tantrum for 1&1/2 hours over.....I don't even remember! But I warn you, do not take off her socks if she wants to do it. I am learning new way to parent this one because she is a piece of work, or "piece work" as June says.
TJ had a big week with FPS and track. He made it to state and sectionals respectively. Although it would have been nice to make it further I am happy he had the experience and happy I do not have to add more to our calender!
Jake had his 5th grade band concert and has decided to stay with the trombone in middle school. The good thing about sticking with the trombone is that some day Jake will be taller than his instrument and the case will no longer look like a machine gun...well maybe not!
Max is Max, sweet and loveable as always! A few week ago I was upset and not feeling appreciated and I let the crowd know...well Max now thanks me for every, and I do mean every, piece of food he puts in his mouth. I am glad someone listened!
Tonight I am "blogging" instead of paying bills and finishing the basement. Yes we are still working on the basement. I am glad to say the Salvation Army will be here on Friday to pick up our gently used stuff. It only took us 6 months to clean most of the basement. Now I can get ready for Christmas.....
Wish me luck, I get my hair cut tomorrow and I have been growing it out for about 8 months and it is driving me crazy! After watching "You've got Mail", I decided to go short again because Meg Ryan was so darn cute....but now the night before I am again confused....I know "R" how sad am I, short, blond, and sassy is how it should be! I also had a not so good revelation during the movie. Russ has been telling me for years that "Dave" looks like Tom Hanks. I have, however, resisted that theory because, frankly, I don't like it. Well one scene when Tom Hanks is talking to Meg Ryan.....he may have for a fleeting moment looked like "Dave". How could this happen? Would I like "Dave" if he worked at "Borders", according to Russ, probably must be the rock star persona:)
Have a great week!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you have been to our house lately since all we hear is I do it anymore. Have a good time getting hair cut and let's see some pictures.

Rebecca said...

No one messes with a Sassy Sister with SHORT blonde hair!


R :)