Sunday, May 10, 2009

A week in review.....

Happy Mother's Day to all of my Family and Friends....This time of year is always busy, I can't believe half of the year is can that be? May is full of school programs and sports. This week we attended Fine Arts Night at school. The 5th grade performed a historical musical review. Jake recited part of the Gettysburg Address and did a great job. After the program we were able to walk the halls and look at all the kids artwork. June, however, was plain tired by that time so we headed home. The next morning was the Grandparent's Day program. Max was a dancing crow in an adorable rendition of "Rockin' Robin". The photo below contains pics from both events.

The garden is coming along well. My Mother's Day wish was to fininsh my planters and work on my garden, since I had to work today, yesterday was the day! I finished my planters and planted green and red peppers, as well as Roma tomatoes. The carrots and lettuce are doing well and I think the potatoes are starting to sprout. Russ's Dad always seeds us tomatoes varieties you can't get at a nursery and we will plant those in June.
The upcoming week will be as busy as last with school programs and activities. TJ has a big week, his FPS team made it to state and he made it to sectionals in track....we wish him lots of luck! June continues to keep me hoppin' . The theme of the week is "June do", June wants to do everything herself....everything. At times my patients wears thin, then she leans her head on my leg and says "love you" heart melts and all is well!
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Michelle said...

Happy Mothers Day! My patience is wearing thin also with Kenna wanting to do everything herself. I truly understand. Have a great week.