Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Week in Review......

Well, a long week ended with a long evening. Sweet June has been out of sorts for a week or so and I think all of the activities of the week, not to mention the candy from the Easter Bunny caught up with her this evening. We have had breath holding, crying, vomiting, carpet cleaning, laundering, more crying, and rocking filling up our evening.....I am happy to say my sweet baby is finally asleep. Usually June is happy and easy going, strong willed, but happy. However, the last week and a half she has been a bit irritable and out of sorts.....I am suspecting the two year old molars. Unfortunately, June will not let me take a peek in her mouth to see if that is the case. I imagine, I will get a glance one day and they will all be there! My hope is that once all the teeth are in there will be no more breath holding....we can only hope!

TJ is keeping us busy with sports. He had two track meets and has started soccer practice. He participated in both track and field events. He ran the hundred meter, the 4 by 2, the 4 by 1, discus, and long jump which he won for his grade level. No doubt he is keeping busy. The other boys are enjoying their freedom with no sports for the Spring season. Max will play football next fall and Jake will run cross country in Middle School, yes, Middle School......two of my baby's will be in Middle School, I can't believe it!

The main part of our week focused around Holy Week. We attended Mass on Thursday and Friday in preparation for this special day. Today we celebrated Easter Mass and spent the day with family. I hope all of you had a blessed Easter and a great week.

Pictures tomorrow....I hope, the boys do not have school and someone thought it would be a good idea to go to the orthodontist at 9:00 AM....UGH!!!

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Michelle said...

I hope June feels better soon. Hope you have a good week!