Sunday, March 29, 2009

A week in review......

Winter break, I mean, Spring break is ended with a seven inch Arctic blast of snow. June stood at the window this morning repeating, "nows, Mamma". Yes the sleds came out again for the last day of Spring break.
We had a relaxing week. The boys were able to spend time with friends and family with no homework or sport restraints. The slide show below is full of pictures from our family trip to the museum and one of my favorite pizza restaurant's. There is a picture of Russ in the slide is hard to see, but a huge butterfly landed on his face in the indoor butterfly exhibit. June is belly laughing at the restaurant because the boys were teaching her how to hang a spoon off her nose.....what are brothers for!
Although I love having all the boys home I am looking forward to a little more quiet around the house this week.....and a little less dirt! Have a wonderful week!

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Jen said...

SNOW??? Really? Today I am thankful for our orders to Hawaii! I love the snow in December and January but much after that you can keep it. Enjoy the peace today.