Sunday, March 22, 2009

A week in review.....

Well, I thought we had made it all Winter without getting sick, and I was right, we waited until the first week of Spring. All 3 boys were sick this week. Jake started Monday morning with a trip to the Dr. and then on to the hospital for blood work, gratefully all his tests were negative and he was feeling better by Wednesday. Wednesday Max started feeling bad and ended up home from school on Thursday with fever, aches, sore throat, headache, and cough. Max started feeling better on Saturday and then it was TJ's turn. I am hoping Russ, June, and I escape this one, I will keep you posted.

Our family retreat at church was both enjoyable and educational for the whole family. The focus of the retreat was a four part plan for renewing family life and protecting our families from the onslaught they face in today's secular world. We are looking forward to the six week series that follows compiled from the writings of Pope John Paul II and St. Louis de Monfort on how to detach from the spirit of the world, acquire better knowledge of self and each member of the Holy Family, and how to apply these lessons to everyday life. I am glad we will have this family time together.

Yesterday, we started to organize the garage! My mom and dad spent the weekend to help us get it all together....thanks! Russ and my dad hung cabinets cleaned and organized while my mom and I ran errands. I was also able to clean my closet.....finally. I really want to get the house back in order. I have been trying to clean closets, organize cabinets, etc. Our big project will be the basement....wish us luck, we are not the most organized family around and tend to keep a lot more "stuff" than necessary.

And now for June. All of a sudden June just seems big to me. She is talking much more than a month ago and is really putting it all together. Today in the car she was watching a "Barbie" DVD and commented that Barbie was sad....and she was right. My favorite verbal skill of the week is "no". It does not matter what I say, or anyone else for that matter, June repeats the phrase or part of the phrase with "no" in front of it. For example, "June do you want a snack?" Reply, "No, nack!" It does not matter if it something she really is all no all the time! June is also starting to enjoy reading, for the most part she did not want much to do with books up until a few weeks ago(probably because it involved being still for more than 2 seconds). I am including June's book picks for this week.

Hope you have a great week. Our spring break started Friday so we are looking forward to a good week.

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Jen said...

Has June seen the Olivia cartoon yet? It's really cute - one of Emily's favorites!

Michelle said...

Hope everyone is feeling better and no one else gets sick. Have a great spring break.