Sunday, March 8, 2009

A week in review....

We had a busy week here! Not only did June turn two the boys had the equivalent to the "Sweet 16" in intramural basketball. On Tuesday night Jake and Max had games at the same time at two different places. Jake's team won and unfortunately Max's team lost. Jake's team made it to the "final four" before loosing a game. They both played hard all season. We have a few weeks off before soccer starts, however, TJ is still playing indoor....

June had a great day yesterday...We are so thankful for our friends and family who have welcomed June into theirs lives, we are truly blessed.

Although, I normally write a little bit more I am going to sign off after this quick story. I have written before about how 4 kids have given me some really good "Mommy moments"....well today I had a good one. I called a friend this morning to confirm I would be at her house between 6-7pm to work on a project for our school's annual fundraiser. Around 6pm I was discussing the time change with Russ while we made dinner, at 6:45pm I gave June a bath, and around 7:20pm I hear the phone ring and Russ say, "Yes she is here, she just finished giving June a bath". My phone call earlier in the day came flooding back......UGH! All I could do was apologize, the project was just about finished. Another "Mommy moment"!

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