Sunday, February 8, 2009

A week in review...

Well, I guess I will start with the pictures, because that is what most of you want anyway....We started off our Saturday with a basketball game. Jake had a good game and June had the chance to watch her brother play ball. Right, watch, she was up and down the bleachers and visiting with all the people. Needless to say she enjoyed herself!

Jake running down court.

Max and Junie watching the game.
June decided to play ball with the boys Saturday afternoon...with a little help from Dad...SWOOSH! Watch out Yao Ming, here comes June Shao!

A little brotherly competition on the driveway.

June and Dad deliver the mail via the Disney Princess scooter.
This week was not to busy. I am, however, getting Spring fever. I love the first snow in Winter and I am always ready for it to go, and I am really ready for it to go this year. Unfortunately for me we have a good 4 months left until it is nice and warm here:( The boys had a short school week due to parent teacher conferences and next weekend they have their annual "Boys Weekend" at the cabin. I am looking forward to a clean house for a few days and a weekend with my Mom and Aunt. I am sure I am missing a lot from this week, but it has been a long day. We started a day with a sleepover friend for Jake, my parents coming to watch June during Max's B-ball game, and me heading to work all before 10am....
Hope you all have a great week!
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