Sunday, February 1, 2009

A week in review.........

Well another one comes and goes....this week was rather uneventful, I like them like that once in a while! The boys are doing well in school and our after school schedule is not to bad this time of year. Max is continuing with his guitar lessons, he does not practice as much as he should, but he is improving and doing well. Max also received a "Helping all to succeed" award at school for cleaning up a mess he did not make.....he must have learned from me because that's pretty much what I do all day.....clean up messes I did not make:)

June always keeps me on my toes. This week she has taken to climbing anything, and I do mean anything. She uses the drawer pulls on the cabinets as a ladder and she pushes anything she can stand on to places she can not reach. She enjoys pressing all the buttons on the thermostat and has even turned off the heat. She has also taken a few good tumbles this week testing out her climbing skills, luckily she did not get hurt or hold her breath! Tomorrow June will have her teeth cleaned for the first time. I am hoping it will be an uneventful visit since she did so well when she chipped her tooth....I will post if we have any undue excitement at the dentist.

Not too much else going on around here, I think I will join the testosterone in the family room while they watch the game....hope everyone has a good week!

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