Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy, Happy, Day......

Well, BUNCO went off without a hitch, sick kids and all. I think everyone had a good time....I even won one of my own prizes. However, the prize win is not what makes today a "Happy, Happy, Day" and no I did not win the lottery (I don't even play the lottery). After my guests left and I cleaned the kitchen (while listening to Dave on the I-pod of course) I put my computer back out on the counter top I keep it on. When I was done cleaning I checked my e-mail, and low and behold the picture below appeared!!!!

For those of you who know me you know what this means to me...the highlight of my summer is always the DMB in concert on a hot night at Alpine Valley. Tomorrow starts ticket sales for the millions of us who belong to "the club". Like I said, "Happy, Happy, Day!" I can feel the hot sun already...only 5 months away.....

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