Sunday, January 11, 2009

A week in review......

Well, it was the first week back in school since December...yeah!!! We started off with a blast, back into sports. We have indoor soccer on Monday and basketball on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Actually it is not a bad schedule. Russ will be coaching Max's basketball team which helps out on practice nights and game days.

June and I enjoyed having the house back this week. As you can see by my earlier posts this week we had some good "mommy" time. I don't know if I have mentioned lately but June is a BUSY girl. She keeps me on my toes at all time. Her new skill this week was peeling and eating (mostly peeling) clementines. If I turn my back for more than a minute she would be on the kitchen table peeling a clementine! The girl even peeled an avocado and enjoyed a snack while I was less than 10 feet away. June is also skilled at opening cabinets and doors. All the kitchen cabinets have 2 kinds of locks and June can open them in seconds flat. She also enjoys opening the sliding glass door and grabbing snow off the deck.....the list of business goes on and on and on....lucky she is so sweet!

We did finally take down the Christmas tree, I am sure this is the longest we have ever left it up. So all Christmas is packed away and I can get started on my long to do list, however, right now it seems as if my everyday life is getting in the way of the organizing to do list. I guess I should be thankful my junk and disorganization is not going anywhere and it will be in the same place until I have time for it..UGH!!! Like my Friday post said I did take some time to work with Photoshop. I hope someday to learn half the amazing things that program can do. I am not very crafty(can't sew or make things), but I do LOVE to digital scrapbook.

Well, time to get back to life...bills, schedules, lunch money, and laundry all still await me this evening. Have a great week!

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