Sunday, January 4, 2009

A week in review.....

Another one goes by.....I feel like I should start with "A year in Review". This year was hard for me and at the same time one of the best years I can remember. Having June as part of our family has been a blessing that words can not describe.....just seeing her face brings joy to my heart and to her brothers and father. We all love her so very much. At the same time the whole BHS(breath holding syndrome) was very hard on me. Not knowing when, if, why, or where it would or would not happen veiled almost all I did with a layer of stress. Although all the research I have read says there is no chance of any long term affects from the BHS, as a mother, I always thought of the "what if". Also, each incident is very, very, scary! Hopefully this year June will grow out of BHS.....if she does not I hope I can focus on the fact that we can get through anything and that God never gives you more than you can handle. Another reason this year was difficult for me was the fact that I always felt like I was behind, late, or unorganized( I usually am fairly on top of things....4 kids pushed me to my limit!) That being the case, one of my goals this year is to get organized. I plan on starting in the basement storage unit and working my way up one closet, cabinet, drawer, at a time...hopefully I will finish by 12/31/2009!
This week was relaxing. The kids were off school and Russ had a few days off work. We had some nice family time and even had time to take down most of the Christmas decorations(all that is left is the tree). On New Years Eve we cooked a nice dinner and played games. Jake is the only one of the boys that made it until midnight, seconds after we rang in the New Year we were in bed....I know...BORING! Saturday we finished watching "The Lord of the Ring" every year around the holidays we watch all three films, this year was no different. However, this year the boys watched with us. Also, on of the highlights of the week was no colds...we all finally feel better!
The pictures of June below are some of the pictures I took when I was figuring out what to do for the new blog decor.....Have a great week and a wonderful New Year!

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