Thursday, January 15, 2009

-32 degrees and no place to go.....

Today the boys had no school due to adverse weather conditions. Planning ahead I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought supplies to make cookies. The kids were excited because lately the only cookies I seem to have time for is bake-n-brake. Everyone helped, even June. We made the famous Neiman Marcus cookie and a cranberry white chocolate. The only problem is we made both types of cookies today...I fear that school may be closed again tomorrow and I am out of cookie supplies. Perhaps the boys would like to clean closets and do laundry! On a cookie note, I have been making what I thought was the "Neiman Marcus" cookie for years, it is our family favorite. However, today when I started to look for the recipe to post I found out the recipe I use is not the true NM recipe. The true Neiman Marcus recipe can be found on their website. The one I make is the one urban legends are made of. Urban legend or not it is a great cookie!
TJ and Junie working on the cookies.
Jake measuring brown sugar.

The Neiman Marcus cookie. (recipe)

White chocolate cranberry cookies. (recipe)

Junie enjoying the spoils!

Everyone coloring in the morning.
Max being Max.

I just liked this one of June. Yes, she is wearing a onsie again. June has decided to take her clothes off any time she feels like it....I have a feeling there will be a lot of pictures in onsies until she starts a new phase!
Let's hope it warms up by school tomorrow.....otherwise I fear a 5 day weekend, thats a lot of cookies!

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Auntie Mary Terese said...

I have some you can bake today!! I can visit later, I have the day off too.