Sunday, December 21, 2008

A week in review......

This morning we awoke to -30 degree temperatures with the windchill...actual temp -7, yikes! We live in what most would consider "the country", although today it looked like a different continent with white out conditions and snow drifts every where...I was actually glad to get into work today. This week was a bit of a cold has stuck with me all week and has been hard to shake, so I did not get much done. I am hoping to be ready for Christmas and plan on kicking it into high gear tomorrow(I hope). Friday night we had our annual "Tree Party". Each year we spend one night traveling to the houses of the four families who cut down trees together, as usual we have a great time!

"Tree Party" 2008
Saturday my brother and his family (My Two Girls) came to visit and spent the night. The kids had a really nice time together and it was nice to catch up. Saturday afternoon the kids went sledding on the hill behind our house, luckily the sub-zero temps did not hit until Sunday. As you can see below the kids enjoyed themselves.
June sledding down on her belly....Russ and the boys did this last week when I was not home...this week..repeat!

June and Rylie sliding together.

June and Rylie warming up after their sled runs.

June and Reese sharing a blanket.
All in all a good week. The boys had a snow day on Friday and squeaked and extra day out of their Christmas break. We are looking forward to the next week....seeing family and friends and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Have a great week!

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Sherri & Todd said...

Great thing I really miss during Christmas is SNOW!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.