Sunday, December 7, 2008

A week in Review.....

Big week at our house hold. We attended the first Christmas performance of the season. It was a great night all the kids did a great job. June even stayed awake for the whole program!

As you can see above, Max was "Rudolph". "Rudolph" had a speaking part and a square dance with the other reindeer.
Jake was difficult to see from our seat. The fifth grade band showed off their musical talent, Jake plays the trombone. It surprises me how well he plays considering he does not practice too much and the trombone is taller than he is!

This weekend was our annual trip to cut down our Christmas trees. We are so blessed to have good friends to share this weekend with. The pictures above are of our evening at the Wisconsin Dells. Our friends graciously share their condo with us, we swim, eat, play cards, visit, and eat some more. June had a great time. She enjoyed the pool and had a great time playing with the kitchen faucet in the condo. June also left a little part of herself in Wisconsin.....while running with the other kids she fell and chipped her front tooth...I guess the good news was she did not pass out! June recovered quickly, however, my mother's heart is still a little sad for the chunk missing out of her front tooth.
I love this picture of June and Cindy. June was turning the faucet on and off. June would grab Greg's hand to turn the water on and then just laugh. She was having the best time! The next morning we packed everything up and headed to the tree farm. My pictures from the tree farm are a post down in a slide show format. The weather was very cold, but June did not seem to care. There are a few pictures with June laying face down in the snow, no she did not fall again, she is laying face first eating snow, she liked the snow so much we had to keep picking her up or she would have just laid face first eating snow! Our tree looked beautiful at the tree farm, as you will see below there is a picture of all of us in front of the tree. Unfortunately, when I pulled in the garage from work today my question to Russ was...."Who's tree is that?" I hope when we get it in the house and it warms up, has lights and ornaments, it looks a lot better than it does right now in the garage...UGH!! Not only do I have a Christmas card problem, I have a Christmas tree problem too.....this tree does not make the cut for me right now, there is always next year!
When we came home June was playing on the stairs and I was able to get a good shot of the chipped you can tell from the sweet smile on her face it is not affecting her at all!
I hope every one has a great week, it will be a very busy one here...

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