Sunday, November 23, 2008

A week in review....

I will start this review with June's amazing musical talent. The above video is TJ helping June play the trumpet. Although the trumpet is as big as June, she was able to actually make music, which is no small accomplishment. When the kids try out for band in the 5th grade the music teacher "tests" if they can use their lips properly for different instruments, apparently getting picked for the trumpet is difficult. Perhaps June will be a future trumpet player.....or not. June had a rough week, she had two teeth come in and she had a cold. However, by Thursday she was starting to feel a little bit better. Friday we had a girls day out and met my Mom and Aunt for lunch and shopping. We had a really nice day and June especially liked playing with all the toys at Pottery Barn Kids. June continues to add new words to her vocabulary, some fun ones (taught by the men in the family) include..."first down", "no way", and a rude lip noise followed by, "mom"......thanks guys! Last but not least, June figured how to float on her back in the tub....she rolls onto her back and then belly laughs, sits up, and starts over. I have pics but couldn't quite get them edited enough to be respectable:).

All in all we had a pretty good week, no sports makes the evenings quite a bit easier. The next few weeks are bound to be busy, however. Thanksgiving, school programs, and holiday preparations are ahead....I can't wait!

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