Sunday, November 16, 2008

A week in review..............

I look forward every Sunday to writing my weekly review, I think of the funny things June has done, as well the boys....when I sit down in front of the computer it has usually left my brain. I am sure this is a combination of age, having 4 children, two pets, and of course a husband:)

A few pics from T.J.'s party....even 12 and 13 year old boys can be charmed by a one year old Chinese girl!

As you can read from my previous post, T.J. turned 13 yesterday. T.J. was a fussy baby and I remember thinking when he was six month old things could only get easier. Well, I was wrong. Each year brings different challenges, I don't think one has been easier than an other, just different. T.J. had a great Birthday weekend. Friday night four of his good friends spent the night and after only a few hours of sleep it was off to the indoor skate park. Our house hold tradition is that on the night of your birthday you can pick what we have for dinner, T.J. picked "The Cheesecake Factory". Jake and T.J. ordered cheesecake for dinner, while Max ordered popcorn shrimp(check out Max's question of the day). June was quite happy with three helpings of whipped cream and the fruit and bread plate they give to toddlers!

Although I have not written about it lately June is still battling BHS(breath holding spells). Today she had the worst one she has had since July. I feel so bad for her, after a bad spell she is physically exhausted, which is common according to the literature I have read. Over the past 8 months we have learned how to help her through the spells and we continue to look toward the day she out grows them....because they are so, so, scary to watch. All is not gloom and doom, June's favorite activity this week is "dashing"(that would be drawing to most of us). Her favorite tool to "dash" with is a fat colored pencil, she is still interested in the "color wonder" markers, but this weeks choice would definitely be the pencil.

This was our first full week with no sports since July, yeah!!! Our only scheduled events were Religious Ed. and guitar lessons. Yes, guitar lessons! Max received an electric guitar for his birthday last April and is finally taking lessons, we are two in and he has not quit (good sign for Max). Also, as you can see from my blog, I am getting in the Christmas spirit a little early and as a wise woman once said, "waiting is for sissies", I agree. My Valentine header will be posted next week:) Have a great week!

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Jen said...

hahahaha! I like that, my price just went down...just for you... a Christmas special :) Just kidding GF