Monday, October 27, 2008

A week in review....finally!!!

Well, our Internet is finally working! On Friday night a lightning strike hit the tower that delivers our broadband so we have been without Internet since then. I have been lost without it....who would have thought that a gal who could not send an e-mail two years ago would depend on a computer so much! So this morning when I woke up I eagerly went to the computer, no service. Russ also informed me the furnace was not working. UGH! However, I am very glad to say that by 12:15pm this afternoon I have heat and Internet.

June had a great week, her little personality is really coming out. She is talking much more as well as putting a few words together. If she wants you to do something she will grab your hand and pull you to what she wants toys, snack, etc. She is very strong willed. I did not think a child could be more strong willed than TJ, however, I think June can give him a run for his money. I have said before, it is interesting to me, however, the innate differences between boys and girls. June is very sweet and affectionate, she also pays attention to everything that goes on around her. She is very observant. Her favorite foods this week are string cheese and granola bars. I am working on her eating her snacks at the table. She has given up the highchair so she is using her booster chair full time. I also, have decided Bandits snack time is over....if I let June carry her snack Bandit usually ends up with half. I almost forgot...I finally had one of those crazy adoption questions. While checking out at the grocery store the clerk asked me if I was babysitting. I said, "no." I love the perplexed look on her face as she checked out June with her brothers. I went on to kindly explain she was adopted.

TJ had the Halloween dance at school on Friday night, he and his friend went as Clone Troopers. Although they did not win the costume contest I think they had a good time. TJ also won his soccer game this weekend, only a few games left! Jake's teams lost their first football game this weekend and he was disappointed. However, Jake played a great game, his name was announced numerous times for the tackles he made. His position is defensive tackle. Jake has one more regular season game and then the playoffs.

Let's talk movies. Saturday night Russ brought home "The Zohan" from "The Red Box". I wasn't to interested....but watched anyway. Adam Sandler was hysterical(if you like Adam Sandler humor). The movie was politically incorrect, crass, offensive, and yes really funny. However, the highlight for me was the cameo, by none other than, yes, DAVE MATTHEWS! Neither Russ nor I knew Dave was in the made it just that much better!

We are looking forward to a good week! The kids are excited about Halloween and I can't wait to see them in their costumes....

P.S. Click here to carve your own pumpkin!

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