Sunday, October 19, 2008

A week in review...............

Well, I guess I will start with the sleepover. Jake had four we had 7 boys altogether. The boys had pizza, played flash light tag, ate cake, and watched the new "Indiana Jones" movie. Jake had a great time and enjoyed the evening with his friends. I am grateful to Russ, because even though my house was full of boys, I went to bed at 9pm. On Friday I received the flu shot and it kicked my butt! I could barely stay awake all day Saturday at 9pm my time was up!
This week went by fast. The kids had Monday off school and a 1/2 day on Friday. Monday was a crazy day. We went on three trips to the Halloween store.....some people could not decide and when they did we picked out the wrong size....therefore 3 trips. We also spent plenty of time on the Internet ordering what we could not find. I am glad to say, however, that all four kids have costumes and they are all coordinated. This is the first time ever we have coordinated costumes, I can't wait for you to see our Halloween post!
The rest of the week was the same as most others, school, sports, and,religious education. This weekend we had one football game and two soccer games. Jake's team has won all of his games this year and there is a good chance he will make it to the "Super Bowl". TJ had two soccer games this loss and one win.
Today we had a pretty laid back day. Jake went to see "Hollywood Chihuahua". Max went trick or treating with his good buddy Ryan at Ryan's grandparents(they live in an over 55 community and today was the day the grand kids trick or treat). Max came home with the mother load of good candy....jumbo Hershey bars and all the good stuff(I can't wait until he goes to bed so I can raid the candy bag). Russ and I worked around the house, we finally finished taking out the garden for winter! After working outside for a while we took June on a bike ride. There you have it....another week gone and a new one starts in a few short hours!

PS. I have been tagged by Sherri....check out her blog, her family is waiting for a sweet Chinese miracle!

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Dawn said...

Hi Tiffany,
I found your blog through RQ.
Your daughter is so beautiful! We adopted our daughter from Yangzhou in 2004, she just turned 6.
I absolutely love the black and white dress she is wearing a few posts back.
I also love the Norma Kamali tshirt. I love it so much I have been stalking our Walmart for the last 3 weeks hoping they have it. So far, no luck. I asked a manager if he knew if they would be getting the NK line and he said probably not for at least 6 months. Bummer! I went online to find it and that particular tshirt is not for sale. Any suggestions on how I can get my hands on a couple of those tshirts?
Dawn in WI