Sunday, October 12, 2008

A week in review.......

Reflecting on each week, I realize that some may think it is boring to be a stay at home Mom with a part time job, and I guess sometimes my life seems like "ground hog day", however, I would not trade it for the world. I am so thankful I am able to stay at home. Some days are HARD, some are not. Many people said to enjoy the boys when they were little, I have to say, I did not enjoy them as much as I should have......however, I am trying to enjoy my time with June. Having 1 toddler instead of 3 makes it easier, also, being more mature(not older:) helps too. That being said here are some of the enjoyable times I had with June this week.

I was starting to think June was not talking enough, as soon as I confessed my concerns to R, June started to talk and babble non-stop. One thing about June is she knows whats going on....I posted the video of her showing her body parts and I have to say I did not quiz her more than what I showed on the video. However, tonight, when I was giving her a bath TJ quizzed her hard....she knows, teeth, head, hair, arm, leg, finger, hand, foot, ear, eye, and toes!! Way to go June. To me the amazing thing is I did not teach her, she learned from reading books and watching us. One of the other little habits June has is pulling your hand to what she wants. At bath time she loves when the water goes down the drain, she puts her hand over the "tornado" and laughs, however, she will not pull out the drain plug. When she is done she grabs my hand and moves it to the plug and plays until all the water is gone. I have bragged about June enough on to the boys:)

Football is over for Max, one down, two to go. Max and Jake both won their football games, but, unfortunately TJ did not win his soccer game. Cross Country ended for TJ this week too, gratefully my driving responsibilities have decreased greatly with the end of two sports.

For the most part, an uneventful week (except for the gray hair). Jake turns 11 this week and as I type this sentence I realize that TJ turns 13 in November...UGH!, no wonder I have gray hair! I am sure I will have plenty of Birthday week photos! Happy Columbus Day, have a great week!

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