Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mr. Monkey needs surgery....

Mr. Monkey has been with us longer than the kids. He was a baby shower gift from Russ's Mom at TJ's(almost 13) shower. No one loved Mr. Monkey until Max came along. At about 6 months of age Max fell in love with Mr. Monkey...he still sleeps with him 8 years later. Mr. Monkey has been through 2 cross country moves, numerous vacations, many laundry loads, a couple of "Where is Mr. Monkey?", but he has never needed "surgery" until today. Both of Mr. Monkey's legs are falling out of his body. Today during June's nap time I plan on operating....wish Mr. Monkey a speedy recovery!

Good news! Mr. Monkey is recovering and resting for the afternoon....the surgery was a success.

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