Sunday, September 28, 2008

A week in review......

Not only has another week passed, but a whole year! Today is the one year anniversary of bringing June home. I can't believe a year has passed and yet it seems like no time at all. June has added so much joy and happiness to our lives. Her brothers adore her. Max will come up to her lean his head against her and say, " I just love her so much". We have been given a very precious gift.

September 28, 2007

The boys and June moments after meeting for the first time.

Okay, back to 2008. This week was very hard for me. I could not catch up on any thing and I felt two steps behind on every thing I did.....I am hoping this week proves to be better! I have said four kids has pushed me to the very edge of my parenting ability, there just does not seem to be enough time in everyday.

The boys had a very busy schedule as usual. Sports, school, church, etc.....TJ had his first dance of the year. I drove TJ and three of his friends to the dance on Friday night. It is fun to see how your kids act with their friends. At 12 years old they sometimes try to act older, however, there is nothing like an 18month old girl to bring out kid in a "tween". I think all 4 boys enjoyed themselves trying to see who could get June to laugh the hardest. They even taught her to make the dreaded "fart" noise with her hands. After dropping the boys at school I tried to pull out of the parking lot.......I pulled right into a traffic jam. You know you live in a small town when the middle school dance stops up traffic for 1/2 mile:)

Saturday brought football. Both Jake and Max won their games, also, both boys had the opportunity to run the ball a few time. Although, I do not know what that means, apparently it is a big deal to get the chance to run the ball. It seems football will be a part of our future. TJ had no soccer so we had the afternoon off which meant we could catch up around the house. I love to mow the grass and Saturday for the first time in over a year I had my chance. I put Dave on the I-pod and off I went. According to Russ he could hear me singing over the lawn mower roar in the neighbor's yard(yikes! I have a terrible voice). I must say, however, it was great. Mowing the grass to me is better than a glass of cold white wine or good ***, well, maybe not better than the wine.

June continues to amuse and amaze us. One of her new skills is climbing into the high chair with the tray on, which is a little scary. She can also open all the blinds and does so as soon as you pull them down. She can also quickly dismantle any room she enters in less than 5 seconds flat(I do mean dismantle). As soon as she is done, however, she walks to my side and kisses my leg and gives me a hug......and of course I melt.

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