Sunday, September 14, 2008

A week in review...................

What is it about anniversaries...I can't help but think about our time in China, what we did each day, the friends we made, and what an amazing place China is. I hope someday when we bring June back to her place of birth she will love it as much as I did....

That being said, let's review. We had a sick week around the house. The two youngest boys both had a virus with a sore throat, headache, and fever that kept them out of school for a few days. Then poor Jake ended up with an unknown skin infection on his leg that ended him in the ER on Thursday night. Although the MD gave him no restrictions, school would not let him stay until they were sure the infection was not contagious or he was on antibiotics for more than 24hrs. We are still waiting to find out what "bug" got him, however, he is much better.

I already posted about my computer woes....I have ordered all the pictures on CD's from Walgreen's and have purchased an external hard drive so I should be in better shape.

This weekend Russ's mom came to visit. She came to see the boys play football and soccer, unfortunately we had a lot of rain and two games were rained out. Max had his game and won again, they are undefeated this season! Despite the rain the kids still had a great time visiting with "Grammie". June called "Grammie"..."Gu"(with the short U sound)and spent quite a bit of time getting to know her better.

We have friends and family in Houston and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Hopefully it will not take too long to get somewhat back to normal. Have a great week!

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Amyesq said...

I can't seem to be able to comment on your post today, but I want to know I am thinking about Gracie today too. Knowing that your Family Day for Junie is the day after all the rest of yours got me thinking. And while I send out a HUGE Happy Family Day to all of you for tomorrow (can you believe it's been a year? Although I really feel like it's been longer) please know that tonight as we say our prayers, we will also offer them for Gracie. Much love from all of us.