Sunday, September 7, 2008

A week in review.......

Today after church we headed off to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, sunny, slight breeze, and around seventy degrees. It seems that when are family goes to the zoo we spend more time walking around, eating, playing at the playground, and riding the rides than looking at the animals. Today was no exception. We did, however, look at the fish....June loves the fish. At the farm in the zoo today the kids were able to husk popcorn and then sample it after it was popped, we also had ice cream from the dairy bar. The pictures below were from our family day at the zoo. June in the butterfly garden.

June and Dad on the carousel.

Four faces actually looking the same direction.

June and Mom.

Mom and the kids.

Husking the popcorn.

Sweet smiling June.

Our whole week went by rather quick and was fairly uneventful. As some of you may remember TJ plays the trumpet in the band, well this week Jake joined the band at school. Jake's instrument of choice....the trombone. I do not think he realizes the case is taller than he is. I hope he likes it. TJ has been playing for three years (Yikes!)and if Jake sticks with it they will both be in the middle school band together next year.

We had a great football weekend. Both Max's team and Jake's team won. Jake's team won in overtime. Next Saturday we add soccer pictures and a soccer game into our crazy Saturday schedule.

Let's talk school clothes...Ugh! I made my third trip to the store for jeans for TJ. Just like most men the first two time he tried them on and said they were okay just to get out of the store quickly. The first time I actually sent Russ with him, they came home with 3 pairs of jeans and everyone was happy:), especially me. I thought to myself I am always sending Russ to buy jeans. Well, even after washing they were too big, we are saving those for spring. Next trip, yesterday....jeans too big. Tonight, just right! Finally. Do you know they make "skinny" jeans for tween boys, not very attractive at all.

Little miss June turned 18 months on Friday. She is continuing to grow at a good pace and is the 75th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. She is adding new words every couple of days and tries to repeat things a lot more than she did a week ago. As you saw from the pictures earlier this week, she loves to go in the garden. June picks the yellow cherry tomatoes and eats them right off the vine. Today at the farm in the zoo she had the chance to try a "Spoon" tomato, it was yellow and smaller than a blueberry, I hope to find the seeds to grow some next summer.

All in all a good week....on to the next, hope you have a good one!

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Jen said...

I think you found your Christmas card picture! All 4 look great, all eyes open and it's a beautiful setting - how often does that happen? I can't get a photo like that of my 2!