Sunday, August 31, 2008

A week in review....

While downloading some pics for today's week in review I found these pictures the boys took the last week of summer vacation. A group of neighborhood boys made a "skate park" and had quite the time. I love seeing pictures that the kids take...they have a different perspective than us grownups.
Yesterday June received her first laptop from her Great Aunt. MT knows that June is always trying to get at my computer and thought June needed her own. June loves it and has been carrying it around with her.
Last night at dinner June enjoyed corn on the cob...she has had it off the cob, but got a good laugh chewing it right of the cob. While I am on June I will keep going. My favorite new word this week was "tookie", ie cookie. She would ask for a "tookie" and then throw it at the dog as she yelled, "BANDIT"! Needless to say I caught on quick. She also put on a show at church this morning. For the past few weeks I have not been able to make it through Mass without going to the crying room, however, today we made it. Although she was busy, to say the least, she tried to sing the songs and said "A-main" at the correct times. After Communion she put out her hand and gave all the parishioners a "high-five" as they walked past our pew. I really enjoy seeing all the new things she does each day.
The boys are settling into the school year routine and seem to be happy with their teachers. Sports keep moving right along, although our schedule is busy it is manageable. I am grateful to have friends that are willing to car pool and help out, very grateful:)

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