Sunday, August 24, 2008

A week in review.....

We had a good week. It was the first week back to school for the boys and they all seem happy with their teachers. It is a push year for all three of the boys, which may mean a little more work for everyone. TJ is in accelerated classes, cross country, soccer, band, and religious education, his schedule is going to be challenging(if not for him for me). The other boys have football and religious education. Jake has chosen not to join band so he has ample time to do homework. More than anything juggling the boys schedule, Russ's travel schedule, my work schedule, and a toddler is going to push me to the limit.

Sports went well this weekend. We had our first home football games and they were a, cheerleaders, grilled burgers, and a concession stand all for our community football. I think the season will be fun. Soccer went well for TJ. He is in a new league this year and it seems to be a good fit for him. June was a good tag-a-long and held her own for this busy weekend.

The garden is a mess! We worked on weeding and picking what veggies we could. This has not been a banner year for the garden. Taking care of a toddler has definitely decreased my garden time. However, June loves the garden! Today while Russ was weeding June strolled around picking tomatoes and eating what she could. She had hand fulls of small golden tomatoes and would eat them as she walked around the garden....perhaps she will be a farmer! If we could only teach her to weed.

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kaugustyn said...


I am T.J's math teacher and he told me about this blog today. It is a really cool idea and I wanted you to know I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Hope to meet you soon.

Kendra Augustyn