Sunday, July 20, 2008

A week in review..............

We had a great week as you can see from all of our photos. We really enjoyed the visit we had with our friends from Tennessee. Time seemed as if it did not pass, the boys picked up where they had left off the last time they saw each other. Even though they live states away it is amazing that they still enjoy almost all the same things. Not only the boys had fun...N and I enjoyed catching up, we even went out to dinner and played BUNCO!
Russ had a big week, he completed a half Iron Man Triathlon today...way to go! In order for Russ to race I worked on Saturday this week. While I worked, Russ had pre-race business to take care of so my Dad watched June and the boys. This is a big deal because this is the first time I have left June with some one other than Russ or myself since the breath holding started. Thankfully there was no breath holding, however, there was a very dirty diaper. My brave Dad changed his fourth dirty diaper in forty years.....way to go Dad!
The garden.....there are no pictures of the garden because you can not see it due to the extreme number of weeds that have decided to take hold. Also, we have a serious Japanese Beetle problem this year, they are eating everything in their path. Unfortunately for us the path goes through our yard and does not include weeds.
June also had a great week. She loved my friend N, went right to her and enjoyed spending time with her. June learned a few new tricks too. One morning while only June and I were up I quickly resent an e-mail(I do mean quickly). In the time I turned my face toward the computer I heard an apple hit the floor. I thought the noise was strange until I turned my head, there sat June on the kitchen table throwing fruit out of the basket on to the floor...way to go June! June's second new trick is the ever funny spinning around in circles until she collapses laughing. I'm sure there are many more tricks to come.
Next week starts a new adventure in our household....FOOTBALL!!!! Wish us luck!

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