Saturday, July 12, 2008

A week in review..............

I missed last week since we were without Internet and tomorrow night I will be visiting with one of my dear friends from Tennessee, so I am updating a day early. We arrived home from the cabin on Monday and took TJ straight to the Dr. to have his stitches removed. He is doing great and there is no permanent damage to his hand.
The rest of the week was filled with friends and getting the house back in order after being gone for a week....of course that included lots of laundry. Russ was able to take the boys to a Brewers game on Thursday, it was their first major league ball game (Yes we are American, they have been to many AAA games when we lived in Memphis).
June has really been developing a sweet personality, although she is strong willed, she is still sweet and quite funny. She stands at the top of the basement stairs and yells the boys names, she said her first 2 syllable word besides "uh oh"...stinky, and she can also say more. My favorite time with June this week was when I was pulling weeds in the front yard, as I pulled she would put pieces of grass in the trash can, in between trash can runs she would put her head I my shoulder and give me a little heart just melts!
As I said at the begining, we have friends coming from Tennessee. The boys are all excited, TJ and G. went to pre-school together from the time they were 1 until they went to gradeschool. Although he and G. have been apart for 4 years they still have many of the same interests and it should be really special to have them together for a few days. As for me, I can't wait to catch up with an old friend.

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