Sunday, June 29, 2008

A week in review.....

No one has ever accused me of being a night owl, but here I am blogging at 10:22pm, I am usually asleep. However, my computer has been acting up and I am trying to upload all my photos to Walgreen's so I do not loose them.....I was uploading 415 photos and the process stopped at 388, now I will have to start all over.

I posted a lot this week so there is not much to update on. The Little Tike's pool deflated as soon as I drained it to move it to a new spot, lucky for June the nice people at Little Tikes are replacing it for us.

Yesterday we spent the evening with my grade school friend and June's Godmother. We had a fabulous time. I was hoping to have pics of the event, but forgot the camera...UGH. Thanks for the great night!

TJ continues to heal well and will get his stitches out when we return from our annual 4th of July trek to the cabin.

Speaking of the cabin this next week will be postless unless I can intercept WIFI from city hall. I plan on working on the digital scrapbook of our China pictures. My goal is to have the whole book completed by our one year anniversary(which is approaching rapidly).

I'm sure I could figure out more to blog but I am tired and I plan on going to bed. Hopefully when I return I will have plenty of new pics and stories to post!

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Ellen said...

Before you leave on your trip......
I am tagging you to write a 6 word memoir!