Sunday, June 22, 2008

A week in review...............

I remember when I was in first or second grade thinking how long Christmas break was from the first day of I work for one of the world's largest retailers and we joked at work today that the holiday merchandise should be hitting the shelves any day! I guess I don't really have a point except one-half of this year is over and it is going fast.

We had a very eventful week here. It was the first full week of summer vacation and I think the kids had a great time. All three spent lots of time with friends in the neighborhood. I am so glad we live in a neighborhood with so many families. One of my favorite memories as a child was playing with friends on our block....still friends 30 years later.

Jake went to the Dells with our friends and had a great time. He walked on a dry Lake Delton, rode the fastest roller coaster in the state, swam, and shopped. Jake has always had a generous heart. One night he called and told me he was buying gifts for his brothers and wanted to buy something for June too. I told him not to worry about anything for June, however, my friend C informed me Jake had picked out a purse made of Chinese silk with a panda stuffed animal. Jake wanted to give this sweet gift to June on her GOTCHA day, how could I say no.

TJ spent a lot of time with his friends this week, I am learning to loosen the reigns a little and it is very hard. All in all, however, I think he had a good time. Unfortunately his injury last Friday is not doing to well. He apparently has a piece of fiberglass lodged under his skin and will have to have surgery to remove it.

June is doing great(we won't mention the two breath holding spells this week). She has been with us for longer than she has been without us...I was reading what her foster mother wrote about her and it just describes her perfect....stubborn, loves music, energetic, and likes animals. All of her descriptions were right on, especially energetic. June has blown my theory that girls are not as busy as boys. June has also mastered climbing, running, and playing with anything but toys, as well as pointing out any bird that passes by.

My week was good because I figured how to arrange the HTML to add the lovely background papers you now see on the blog. One might say I was on a mission. Next week on to my new camera, hopefully, R will have figured hers out and she will give me a lesson and I can post some new pics!

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