Sunday, June 15, 2008

A week in review......

And yet another Sunday night rolls around....We had a very active week as you can see from my posts during the week. I guess the big news is Summer Vacation. The boys were very happy to start their break. As I said earlier the boys went out with a bang, what I did not post is that all three boys ended the school year with straight A's, we are very proud of all of them. Also, speaking of school I have started the countdown to the beginning of school you can follow our progress on the sidebar.

Soccer has finally ended, it was a very long season for me! The two younger boys had their end of the year soccer party on Thursday and TJ had his on Saturday. Summer sports include golf camp and Max would like to take guitar lessons. Next fall we will start football which will be something new for us and we are looking forward to the change. TJ tried out for 2 different travel teams and decided to try a new league, he will be playing in his age division for the first time since he started travel soccer.

There are no pictures of the garden this week because it is overrun with weeds. The relentless rain this week has kept the weeds growing and me from pulling them.....hopefully next week we will have it looking a blog ready!

June...As you saw from some of my posts June had a good week. She seems to be a little more brave in her choices in larger groups of people. We had two soccer parties this week and she spent time with some of our friends, she let them feed her and interact with her more than usual. June is also turning into quite the character....she loves to dance whenever she hears music and engages others to play with her(usually ending in a good belly laugh). In church today a baby(one year old) was crying and June kept saying ...."baby, baby", of course not recognizing she is a baby herself. June also had her 15 month check up this week and she is doing great! Breath holding is still an issue but the episodes are have been fewer and farther in between(hopefully the trend will continue).

With that good night and of course Happy Father's Day to all, especially to Russ!

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