Sunday, May 18, 2008

A week in review......

June decided she wanted to eat with a fork this week and there was no stopping her! When she eats she usually points to what she wants more of....well she was getting mad and I finally figured out...FORK. Now she is learning how to eat with silverware. She especially liked the frozen custard we had tonight at Culvers, spooned and enjoyed by June.

My Mom turns 60 in May and while my brother was in town from Arizona we had a surprise Birthday Party for my Mom. This picture is of June, myself, and my niece R. I really enjoyed having both girls in my arms at the same time!

June also received Birthday gifts at my Mom's party... a tea set....all she wants to do is play tea party. Russ has been playing with her and even taught her to make a sipping noise when she pretends to drink!

This week has been fairly busy, 8 soccer games in 7 days, the usual hustle and bustle of 4 kids, and of course the party. We had a great time at my Moms party. We had the opportunity to see my parents friends that we spent time with while we were growing up and the kids had the opportunity to see their cousin who we do not get to see as often as we would like. The party was a success, Mom was surprised and had a lovely time. Happy Birthday Mom!!

Our weekend started out with Russ taking a day off work to fix up the playground, we have new wood, new sand, a new tarp, and no weeds. June loves to dig in the sand and push the bulldozer and other trucks that the boys have collected over the years.

We had four soccer games yesterday and today we tried to get caught up around the house because the kitchen remodel starts tomorrow. Wish us luck....we will be living on cereal and takeout in whatever combination works! In preparing and removing everything from the kitchen I have decided I never would like to move again. We have moved twice with the kids and that is enough. I can't believe what can collect in cabinets, drawers, refrigerators, and freezers. It will be nice to have a clean start.

I guess the highlight of the evening is what June left in the tube. My dear friend Rebecca and I were taking this week about a blog describing the dreaded "poop in the tub". I said, "June has not done that yet". Well after today I can no longer make that claim. I was giving June her bath...there were bubbles from the shampoo and wash cloth...I took her out of the tub, got her dressed, turned her over to Russ(of course to play tea party), went back to empty the tub...and much to my surprise June had left a present in the tub. The clean up began, thank you Clorox! Have a great week!

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