Sunday, May 11, 2008

A week in review.......

The week is you can see it has been a long one. Each day was filled with errands, sports, homework, housework, and much, much more. I blogged almost every day so there is not to much to say. However, I did have a great Mother's day!

My Mother's Day gift was being able to pick out and plant the flowers that help brighten our yard, porch, and deck. Since it was supposed to rain today I worked yesterday at planting, it is one of my favorite things to do each spring. It was a challenge due to three away soccer games.....but all is well, almost all the plants are in the ground. This year was extra special because June was with me. As I have said before she loves to be outside and she loves to dig, so planting flowers was right up her alley. I filled the planters with dirt and while I decided what to plant in each she sat in front of the pots scooping and digging. Although it takes a little longer with a one year old helping it was well worth the time.

Tonight for dinner Russ cooked. He made authentic Mexican cuisine from recipes by Rick Bayless, dinner was delicious. It was nice to just have down time today, I work a few Sundays each month and sports take up our Saturdays, therefore, when I am off it is nice just to relax.

Have a great week and again...Happy Mother's Day to all!

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