Sunday, May 4, 2008

A week in review....

Spring has finally sprung in the Midwest after a very LONG winter! Flowers are blooming and the grass is green and growing fast. We live in what many would consider the rural Midwest....corn and soybean country. I never considered myself interested in farming, however, I guess I am. I think farming is beautiful, I love every season of it. Right now the farmers are tilling and planting, the straight lines of black earth against the green grass and the sky is beautiful(cheesy I know). The summer comes and you can see what each farmer has chosen to plant. I love when the farmer across from our subdivision plants corn because in the heat of the summer I can see it from the front porch. I also love fall, during a harvest moon you can hear the combine in the middle of the night harvesting the corn at just the perfect time. I don't think I will begin farming anytime soon....just planting my garden is going to be a miracle this year!

June had a great week no BHS episodes and a calmer Mom. I only hope the changes we made and the hours of prayer continue to ease the episodes. June loves to be outside. One day this week we just sat in the grass, she picks up bits of this and that and hands them to me curious on what they are. She also loves to dig in the dirt which she has mastered on some of the potted plants on the deck, did anyone say "tomboy"?

As I posted earlier, this week was fine arts and science fair night at the little boys school. I forgot to take a picture of Max's(my) dinosaur project. I am a firm believer in letting the kids do their own projects(they learn, less work for me). However, this week, I completed Max's dinosaur project because we ran out of time. I must say, it looked like an eight year old did the project because I completed the whole thing while June took a nap the day before it was due. If Max would only have chosen the same dinosaur as Jake did 2 years ago I could have recycled!

I think that about covers it, a pretty standard week for a stay at home Mom.......I forgot to talk about laundry, interested?

I forgot, Max had a birthday sleep over, I love this picture of Max and his cake!

"A boy and his cake"

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Rebecca said...

I love the pic of Max and his cake, too! Did you take that with our Cybershot?

Good for you...comin' clean with your participation with the dinasaur project!

R :)