Sunday, April 6, 2008

A week in review....

For those of you who visit our blog to see updated pictures of June, today is not your day. I have not taken any pics since the "Charmed" entry. Let me tell you why(for some of my friends this will be a repeat). My general state of mind is, shall I say spastic. Some of you remember I totally missed "bunco" a few weeks ago, well, this next story is very similar. I went to Home Depot to pick up one, yes, one item. I was in the store about 5 minutes, I then spent the next 20 minutes looking for my car in the parking lot. I thought, "how can someone steal a car so fast"? After, walking the aisles for a while I saw a car that looked very similar to our other car, lucky for me it was! That pretty much describes how 4 kids has affected my brain. As my good friend's son says, I am winging it. Therefore, no new pictures. However, I do have a funny story.
My youngest son is a "flusher". As I would browse children's catalogs years ago I always wondered why anyone would need a toilet lock. Well, let me tell you, Max is the reason. He has been flushing since age 1. The list includes: Russ's glasses, numerous Thomas the Tank Engines(one nicknamed Skarpoohey), Fisher Price toy coffee pots, and much more. After paying the plumber twice, Russ took over and every time something was flushed, he would take the toilet off the floor and retrieve whatever happened to be the clog of the day. This week was no exception. Yes, this week. At the age of almost eight Max flushed again. Thursday night after brushing his teeth Max missed the trash can with a 3oz. plastic cup, it fell in the toilet. Instead of sticking his hand in(or calling me to fish it out) he grabbed the plunger and pushed it in until the toilet would no longer flush. Russ knew one of his weekend projects would include taking the toilet apart. Well, after school on Friday, something very unfortunate happened for poor Russ. Max, forgetting he had clogged the toilet, took care of some very big business in the very toilet he clogged with the plastic cup. YUCK!!!! To make a long story even longer, when Russ removed the tank of the toilet it cracked, thus another trip to Home Depot(don't worry Russ went, not me). Finally, Saturday evening the toilet was working fine!
Now to June....breath holding minor(thank goodness). One of my favorite things June is doing this week is "Peek-a-boo". When I lay her down in bed at night she pulls her pink satin blanket over her face and waits, the she says, "peek", pulls the blanket down and laughs. I can't help but laugh with her, it is if she has delivered the perfect joke!

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