Sunday, March 30, 2008

The end of a long week....

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Well, as you can see above, June is as cute as ever! Just being with her makes all of us feel happy, which is good because as my title says, it has been a long week. The boys were out of school for spring break, so my job was to keep them busy....slot car racing, shopping, movie time, friends, and bowling. Bowling is what made our week long. I have gone back and forth about whether or not to blog about our bowling experience and decided to give the short version since I can not get it off my mind. That being said I will start....the boys were bowling and having a good time, June was enjoying the music videos and watching the boys bowl(black light, rock and roll bowling). June got upset when I set her down. The rest is now history that the boys and I would like to forget forever. June held her breath until she passed out and was unconscious. A 911 call followed and a whole bowling alley was turned inside out in a matter of minutes. We think the episode lasted 1-2 minutes and I can truly say that they were the 2 most terrifying minutes of my life. It turns out that there is a condition known as BHS(breath holding spells) that affects a fair percentage of children. The condition usually goes away between ages 3-5. We now have multiple Dr.'s appointments to make sure there are no other problems, however, the Dr.'s we have spoken with say she has typical BHS. June is not affected at all by the BHS and most episodes are not nearly as severe as our last. Hopefully we will not experience one again. So now we move on. I am so grateful that June is part of our lives, the boys love her so much, she has completed our family.

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Becky said...

BHS must be passed family to family, even if there is no true genetic relation..."big" June and cousin Becky both did the same thing!