Monday, December 10, 2007

Tis' the season...................

Well, as you can see our tree is on the floor! For those of you who read my last post about being ready for Christmas at Easter, I am changing that prediction to The Fourth of July. Although I have some cute pictures of Max at his Christmas program and of June standing and crawling(kind of) this story seemed more news worthy. So at 3am(Russ out of town) I hear a noise that sounded like the cat knocking over a few boxes of ornaments. Slightly irritated I went downstairs and low and behold the whole tree, stand and all,(stand #3) were tipped over on the couch. So, at 3am, I started taking all the special ornaments my mom gives me every year off the tree(I had just started decorating 12 hours earlier). My neighbor is going to lend us a different tree stand and help me get the tree upright later today and hopefully the tree will stay standing. As I scan the living room I see ornaments, garland, lights, boxes of ornament, and in the dinning room unfinished Christmas card(those of you who get cards from me, they may be late). So, as always, when something bad happens I count my blessings, lucky the tree did not fall when I was decorating with the kids, not a lot broke, and I have a good excuse for late Christmas cards!

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