Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Red Couch.....

Empress Feng Shao Jun

Great Wall girls Jiangxi province LID 11/17

Jiangxi Families

Emma, MeiLin, and June

Today we took our famous red couch picture. Adoptive families that stay at the White Swan always have a group photo taken on the red couch. The girls did great! There was no crying until the end. Everyone had the chance to snap their pictures before some of the 10 girls lost it. We have traveled with eight families, two of our families have twins, giving us 10 China beauties.


Terry said...

What beautiful memories you have captured! You will have them to treasure always. Have a safe journey home. Terry M.

Becky said...

So, Russ, are you already teaching her how to do rabbit ears? Sure does look like she's trying to make them behind MeiLin's head!

Sherri & Todd said...

Wow, what wonderful memories to hold onto. All of the babies are just so beautiful.