Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Pavilion...

June before breakfast
The Nanchang Pavilion
Russ, Tif, and June
view from the pavilion

June had a great first night, she went to bed around 9pm and slept until 5:30am, had a bottle and we all slept until 7:45am. We had just enough time to eat and meet our group for our trip to the Pavilion in Nanchang. We had McDonald's for lunch which made my day, I have not had much to eat this week so this lunch was good. This afternoon we are going to a porcelain shop. Jiangxi is famous for porcelain and some must come home. Tonight we will have a group dinner in the hotel.


Terry said...

I am so happy for your family. I pray for your safe journey home. Can't wait to meet June. I will continue to keep your family, June and Gracie in my prayers. Terry M.

Ellen said...

Congrats Tiff and Russ. June is beautiful! What a chunk!!! I have been thinking of you a lot. Hopefully, one day our paths will meet.

lisau said...

She is so cute! Can't wait to kiss her chubby little cheeks!! And a new outfit in every picture, even the ones on MeiLin's blog, I love it! Rylie is practicing her name so we will be ready at Christmas, can't wait to talk to you all when you get home! Enjoy the rest of your time and we will keep following you on your journey!

Leslie said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I came over to your blog from my follower list. June is beautiful! I love the name! I have a June birthday so I just love this name!

I could not help but notice what you said in your profile about Gracie and so I had to go back and read some. I don't know what all happened but I am sorry you had a hard time in China. I understand at least on some levels what it is like when the trip of your dreams does not go like you had dreamed of. But then you have June and I have Susannah and so we go onward! I don't know about you, but sometimes I have a hard time processing all the feelings and emotions.

I see you have several boys too! Well, I just hope you have a blessed day and if it is alright, I'll stop back by sometime! One more thing I notice, you were in China the same exact time one year before us.