Thursday, September 20, 2007

The countryside....

the out house
village kitchen
village road with houses
three year old village girl
Russ and June in front of a house
Tod.y we took an amazing trip to a village outside of Nanchang. The local villagers we friendly and curious about us. We were able to see in their homes and visit with their children. Many asked questions about our girls. To most of us their homes look primitive, however, this is a well off village because they are close to a city. We are very spoiled in America, we take for granted the basic needs we have filled every day. One thing to note is that everyone we met today seemed happy. They live with their extended family, grandparents take care of the young children while parents work. I feel so grateful we had the opportunity to see this part of China.

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Poppie said...

Just like Sayner. Great people, great place and old buildings! I wonder if they have a parade?